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Replacing Damaged Panels Or Entire Garage Door?

Replacing Damaged Panels Or Entire Garage Door?

Sometimes garage door panels are damaged due to attempted break ins, cars running into them or heavy objects striking them. Damage can include dents, cracks or rusting out of the panel. In these cases homeowners need to decide whether replacing the panel or the entire garage door.

Assessing the Damage to Your Garage Door

The amount of damage that has occurred is an important factor in this decision. In some cases the damage may only be cosmetic and not affect the functioning of the garage door. If this is the case replacing the panel makes sense. However if the damage affects other parts of your garage door or its ability to raise and lower properly, then it may be cheaper in the long run to replace the entire door instead of repairing every component

Matching Paint and Stain to Achieve a Uniform Look

Another thing to consider is how old your garage door. If your garage door is older than 10 years it may no longer be possible to find a matching replacement panel with a similar stamp size and weight as those already on your existing door. It might also be necessary to paint or stain all other sections of your garage door to match one you are able to find in a different colour or shade.

Know When to Get Professional Advice

Finally if there are two or more panels requiring replacement then this could prove more expensive than just replacing the whole door itself. In any case where you are unsure whether it’s better to repair or replace damaged panels or entire door it’s best to consult a professional who can advise on which option will save you money in both short and long term scenarios.

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