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How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Usually garage door springs lifespan is measured in the number of cycles they can preform before they break. While basic manufacturer springs typically last 5,000 cycles, oil-tempered springs perform better and can last up to 10,000 cycles. However, A1 Garage Door spring manufacturer has developed their Super-Life springs which are rated for 80,000 cycles – 16 times longer than standard manufacturer-grade springs.

Calculating Lifespan

To calculate the lifespan of a garage door spring, one needs to consider how many times it opens and closes each day as well as other factors such as family vacations and time away from home. For example, if a family of four were to open and close their garage door 10 times per day for 350 days a year, this would equate to 3,500 cycles annually.

With these calculations in mind:

Standard manufacturer springs will last approximately 18 months.

Oil-tempered springs will last around three years.

And A1 Garage Door Super-Life springs will last over 10 years.

Warranties and Service

Most garage door springs come with lifetime warranties or those that extend beyond the life expectancy of the part; however, these do not include service or labor costs. As such, every few years one needs to have someone replace their garage door spring – an expense that can easily add up over time if using standard manufacturer-grade products. With Super-Life springs from A1 Garage Door Service however, they come with a lifetime warranty and technicians replace both parts of the system when installing them – saving hundreds in labor costs throughout the span of their service life.

Choosing The Right Springs

When selecting the right spring for a garage door it is important to consider its IPPT (inch-pounds-per-turn) measurement – which is determined by measuring inside diameter, wire size, wire length and whether it is left or right hand wound. Additionally, since most garage doors weigh more than 100 pounds it is best to have a professional complete calculations about the weight of your specific door in order to determine the correct size spring needed; sometimes one may be enough while other times two may be required.

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