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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair & Replace

Garage door springs are highly useful parts of garage doors unit as they assist in weight balancing so that door can be opened and closed easily. These units usually suffer more loss because of regular usage as wear and tear losses are associated. In case if your garage door shows some trouble in movement then it may be due to spring damage and to recover this problem you have to replace the springs.

Generally there are two types of garage door springs that are torsion type and extension type. Both of these are connected to the garage door unit on different locations so that weight of the door can be well balanced.


Garage Door Torsion Springs

These types of springs are connected with the help of a metal shaft that is present exactly above the garage door unit. Depending upon the movement of system, this shaft may move and assist in balance management. Torsion springs usually balance this garage door unit by simply applying torque over shafts at both ends, there is a cable attached to both of these drums and it is ultimately secured at bottom fixture of door. This torsion spring use to wind and unwind depending upon opening and closing movement of garage door so that it can be balanced perfectly.

There are three major characteristics of garage door torsion type springs that help to quantify its life cycle as well as lifting abilities they are diameter of spring, length and size of this unit.


Garage Door Extension Springs

Garage door extensions are usually mounted over side portion of unit along the horizontal tracks. Extension type springs use to contract and expend as per door movements so that its weight can be counterbalanced. In case of commercial garage door unit you will often find only two extension springs attached to each horizontal side but for residential units you may also find garage doors with multiple extension springs. One of the most popularly available extension type garage door units is sectional spring.



Garage door springs are connected with high force so they must be handled properly; there have been so many cases when people tried self replacement techniques and got their arms damaged due to lack of knowledge about tool handling. This is actually a critical process that demands more care and must be organised properly it is always good to call some professionals for maintenance and repair task.

Experts suggest that one must never try to do it yourself procedures for repair or replacement of garage door springs because it may lead to harm to person’s body. There are some dedicated techniques and specific tools that are used to execute this process and one must always prefer to handle this process to some experts. If you organise routine maintenance service for your garage door unit then there are least changes of failure for this unit.

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