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Friendly Garage Doors LLC Repair & Service  in the garage door business for many years since 2010 we have over 200 garage door subcontractors Across the nation, all the technician licensed bonded and insured we guarantee our work 100 percent friendly garage doors voted has one of the five biggest garage door company in USA.

When you looking online on Google, Bing or Yahoo and you searching for garage door repair near me our website going to jump on the first page because we have thousands of customer reviews and the search engine is know that. Before you call us for repair make sure You read some reviews about us And learn to know us and how great our service. 

We Providing Garage Door Repair in Same Day or by Appointment

  • Garage Door Repair
  • Broken Spring Repair
  • Garage Door Opener Repair
  • Garage Door Off Track
  • Roller Replacement
  • Cable Repair
  • Weather Stripping Replace
  • Garage Doors Panel Dent
  • Installing New Garage Doors
  • Pulley Replacement
  • New Remote
  • Tune up and Lubricated

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

Torsion Springs

broken garage door spring

Extension Springs

broken extension spring

Sometime our garage door can be really heavy and the opener can lift the door by itself for that we install springs to help the door goes up and down have 2 main Kind of garage door springs one called torsion springs and the second call extension Springs after wille those Springs going to break its depend on how often we using our garage door.

If you look above the garage door you going to see to big blacks springs that called torsion springs and if you have springs on the side of the door that’s called extension springs. On the picture below you can see how it’s supposed to look and check on your garage door if your spring broken or not.

If you find the Springs broken give us a call we can help you out with that, let only professional do the spring replacement work for you, don’t try to touch anything it can be very dangerous have lot of pressure on this torsion springs and each can hurt you very bad.

Most of the time just one spring break we are as the professional garage door company recommended to our customers to replace both of the Springs when it’s broken for one reason, when the garage door company install the garage door they put the springs in the same time that’s mean the other springs going to break very soon and we want to save you the money and time so you not need to call for garage door service two times.

Garage Door Opener Repair

The main brands of garage door opener people using in United States its LiftMaster Genie and Chamberlain have more few brands but they’re not so popular like this 3 companies.

The garage door opener work on three different systems chain drive belt drive and screw drive. Most of the houses had a chain drive opener because it’s the cheapest one and it’s working great.

You can wake up one morning and figure out your garage door not opening sometimes it can be a very little problem and you can fix it by yourself in 2 or 3 minutes and that’s going to save you a a lots of money.

genie garage door opener

2 Common problem you need to check before you call us:

1) After you’re using your garage doors for many years it start to lose the Force and if you look on the back of the opener you going to see two swiches one show Arrow down and one show Arrow up and here you can adjust the force of the opener.

2) Another problem is with the travel limit of the opener so what happened when you press the button on the remote to close the door, its not close all the way down so we need to adjust the travel limit exactly to the place we want the door touch the floor you can find this adjustment button next to the switches for the force.

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