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Why Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work?

Why Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work?

Garage door openers are essential devices for modern households, providing both convenience and security. These automated systems allow your garage doors to open and close without the need of manual labor. Garage door openers can be controlled through a variety of different ways such as remote controls, wireless keypads, tablets and smartphones.

However, when your garage door opener doesn’t seem to be working properly it can be frustrating trying to figure out why. While it may seem like the whole system is broken, it’s important to trace the origin of the problem before attempting repairs or making replacements.

Broken Garage Door Opener

The cause of a malfunctioning garage door opener could lie in any number of its components. When a garage won’t open or close due to an operator issue, it usually means that something with either the wall button or remote control is preventing it from functioning. Additionally, if there is an obstruction in the way of your sensors then this can also trip up the beam signal which tells your garage door when it’s safe to move.

If you attempt to open your garage but all you hear is grinding noise then this could indicate that something specific has gone wrong with the drive gear on your motor unit. The drive gear is a plastic gear which connects with the worm drive gear on the motor and is often liable for failure in these types of systems. Replacing this component requires taking off several other parts first and will require some technical knowledge so calling in a professional might be necessary here.

At the end of day though, if you find that your entire opener system isn’t running at all then this could suggest an issue with electricity supply as opposed to any component fault. It’s worth double-checking that everything is plugged in correctly as well as checking whether any breakers or fuses have blown before purchasing any new parts or seeking out external help from technicians.

Better Call Your Garage Door Experts To Help You !

No matter the problem, it’s important to take a step back and properly diagnose the issue before attempting repairs or replacements. You may find that simply troubleshooting is all you need in order to get your garage door opener working again.

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