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Garage Door Opener To Be Equipped With Backup Battery

Garage Door Opener To Be Equipped With Backup Battery

In response to the wildfires in October 2017, Senator Bill Dodd proposed the Senate Bill 969 to ensure that all residential automatic garage door systems are equipped with battery backups. The bill came into existence due to catastrophic events that resulted in deaths of several individuals who were unable to open their garage doors, or were unable to use the emergency release mechanisms. Those aged victims who didn’t know how to manually lift the door in order to flee from the fire were severely affected by this.

Garage Door Openers with Battery Backup

Garage door automatic openers provide convenience to homeowners, but in order to gain maximum safety and security it must be equipped with a backup battery, which enables you to open and close your garage door even when the power is out due to a natural disasters and other weather related issues.

Choosing An Opener with Backup Battery Support

When selecting a garage door opener, it is important to choose one that comes with battery. It will ensure that you will be able open and close your garage door even though the electricity power is out as a result of severe storms, hurricanes, ice storms, or earthquakes. Generally, these models are capable of opening the door up to 10 times before needing to be replaced.

Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener?

If your current garage door opener model is old and outdated, if it lacks some modern safety features, it is time to upgrade your system with a new one that includes all advanced protection such as safety sensors, and motion detectors. Not only it is mandatory by law, it will improve your safety and security in case of emergency or a disaster. It will also add value to your home while increasing energy efficiency.

Rolling Code Technology

Today’s marketplace has seen an increase in children’s toys being used maliciously in order to open residential garage doors – making Rolling Code technology more important than ever before! This system randomly generates unique codes each time you use your remote so whether someone attempts interception via replicating signals or gaining external access via pulling on emergency release cords, they will not be successful due their code being constantly changed. By combining this technology with advanced smart home functions such as Liftmaster’s Wi-Fi/MYQ feature and patented Security+ 2.0 systems, users can now activate their openers remotely using just their mobile devices – offering unprecedented convenience while adding an extra layer of protection at all times!

Garage Door Opener Battery Backup & Emergency Release Features

For those moments when there is no electricity available or manual operation must occur, having battery backup enabled on an automatic opener comes in handy – allowing users entry into their garages without interruption even during outages! Furthermore, emergency release functionality serves as an additional measure of security in emergencies; however burglars have been known exploit this feature so it is crucial that extra steps are taken towards bolstering overall system security further wherever possible (e.g., additional locks).

Motor Horsepower Considerations

Finally, motor horsepower should also be taken into consideration when making decisions about purchasing a new unit – too much could lead to excessive energy consumption while too little results in unsteady openings/closings; thus potentially impacting upon reliability and safety levels along with increased user frustration levels! Fortunately though Senate Bill recently introduced civil penalties for sellers who breach notification requirements associated with automatic openers – so make sure you check first before buying!


Automated garage door openers offer homeowners convenience plus peace-of-mind through increased security measures such as Rolling Code technology coupled with smart device integration plus emergency release/battery backup options when needed most! When shopping around for new units pay attention to all factors including motor horsepower capacity plus appropriate safety/security standards listed above; then enjoy years worth reliable service which also adds value to any property!

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