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Google Adds The Main Reason Behind Garage door Repair Price Inflation

Google Adds The Main Reason Behind Garage door Repair Price Inflation

When looking to hire a garage door repair company, it is important to do your due diligence and verify the contractor’s license. Many licensed companies outsource their work to untrained individuals who simply earn commission-based salaries upon job completion. Before signing any contracts or hiring anyone, it is recommended by the Contractor State License Board (CSLB) to read their “Hiring a Contractor” page for further guidance.

The Infamous Bait And Switch Tactics

One of the most common tactics used in retail sales is “Bait and Switch”, where merchants advertise goods at low prices but when customers arrive to purchase, they find that the goods are not available. Instead, salespeople pressure them into buying similar items which are often more expensive. This type of fraud has been around since 1617 when Zhang Yingyu wrote the book “The Book of Swindles” about such practices in China.

An example of this tactic can be seen with Friendly Garage Doors Company who offers a dual garage door spring repair and replacement deal for $249 – an offer that sounds too good to be true. When all costs are added up including advertising expenses, material costs, labor costs and technician compensation – Friendly Garage Doors Company barely makes any returns or profits from this deal. Despite this fact, Friendly Garage Doors Company still advertises this deal online as they must attract new customers and generate calls and/or sales in order to keep their business running.

Google Ads Service Changes for Garage Door Companies

Google Ads users should be aware of these inflated repair bills as Google continues to generate growth by increasing advertising costs which are passed along onto consumers who use their services. Additionally, Google spends millions on federal lobbying to limit regulation in order for them continue with their business without consequences. Too often businesses like Friendly Garage Doors Company fall victim to Google’s cunning search engine as they unwittingly pay money for interactions whether or not those interactions lead to actual purchases.

In conclusion

It is important for homeowners looking for garage door repair services to do proper research before settling on a particular company so that they can ensure they are getting a fair price rather than falling prey to unfair tactics such as Bait and Switch or paying more than necessary due Google Ad’s increased advertising cost scheme. By verifying contractor details through the CSLB website and following the advice given by the CSLB Hiring a Contractor page beforehand, consumers will have better chances at avoiding potential scams or overcharges from fraudulent companies offering unrealistic deals and discounts online.

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