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Ways To Decorate Your Garage Door For The Holidays

Ways To Decorate Your Garage Door For The Holidays

When the holiday season arrives many people love to get into the spirit of things by decorating their homes, both inside and out. One of the most prominent features outside of your home is your garage door, which makes it the perfect canvas for your holiday decorations. However you want to ensure that any decorations you use won’t risk  and damage your garage door. Luckily there are a few easy and straightforward ways to decorate your garage door without putting it at risk.

Optical Decorations

One of the best options is to optical light decorations. This type of decoration works in a similar way to a projector, with your garage door acting as a screen for an eye catching image or animation. The part that projects these decorations sits on the ground and can be connected to an outdoor outlet using an outdoor safe extension cord for power. These decorations use bright, energy-efficient LED lights and are sure to turn heads when passersby see them reflecting off of your garage door.

Magnetic Decorations

If you have a steel or aluminum frame on your garage door, then magnetic decorations are another great option. There is a variety of magnetic décor items available so you can pick one or several whatever fits you. Plus they stay on no matter how often you open and close the door making them ideal if you’re expecting lots of visitors during the holiday season! As an added bonus when you decide it’s time to take them down after the holidays pass there won’t be any marks left behind on your garage door from them being attached before.

Static Cling Decorations

Finally, static cling decorations are also great choices for those who don’t want to risk damage but still want something festive in place outside their home. These types of decorations can cling onto any material meaning they’ll work just as well on wood, metal or fiberglass doors too! They won’t interfere with the functioning of your door either so when it comes time to take them down after Christmas is over there will be no hassle involved in doing so either.

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