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Chamberlain Group Loses $63M Patent Infringement Case

Chamberlain Group Loses $63M Patent Infringement Case

The Chamberlain Group

A global leading manufacturer of garage door openers products with an impressive presence in over 20 countries worldwide. This company managed to develop the most effective leading products in the industry, which provide their customers the best experience when opening and closing their garage doors. The company is known for its superior quality and intelligent access solutions.


With headquarters located in the United States, and production lines in Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan – they ensures that customers can access their wide selection of products no matter where they are located.


In addition, Chamberlain Group also provides opportunities for employees to donate their time and money to organizations that benefit communities, protect the environment and promote equality.

The Genie Company

Another U.S.-based manufacturer of garage door openers based in Alliance, Ohio. Founded in 1923 by the Alliance Door & Manufacturing Company as well as the Alliance Manufacturing Company to produce farm equipment – it was not until 1954 that they mass-produced their first radio-controlled residential garage door opener and 1985 when they changed their name to Genie Home Products before becoming known simply as The Genie Company. Currently specializing in automatic garage door openers, automatic gate operators, keyless entry systems and remote controls – The Genie Company is well-known for its quality construction delivered through innovative technologies built into each product.

Understanding Patent Infringement

A patent is essentially like a set rights granted by the federal government to an inventor which allows them sole control over who can make use of or sell a particular invention within a limited period of time. Patent infringement occurs when someone without authorization uses or sells said patented invention – this act can be either commercial use or simply using it according to country laws. Patents are territorial so if any unauthorized acts occur outside of that territory then it cannot be considered patent infringement however it’s important to note that patents come with limited-term protection so any unauthorized acts after said term will also cause infringement upon said patent holder’s rights.

Results of the patent infringement lawsuit

Chamberlain Group, Inc. suffered a major blow with a $63 million loss in a patent infringement lawsuit against their competitor, The Genie Company. This legal decision is an eye-opener for global corporations that are looking to acquire and exploit patents for competitive advantage. It serves as an example of the consequences that may occur if those companies use patents to gain an unfair edge over smaller businesses which lack the resources to protect themselves in such cases.

Chamberlain Group produces high-end garage door openers and gate operators with applications ranging from residential to commercial purposes. The company prides itself on being well established in the professional garage door opener industry, and they are continuously innovating new products such as their Wi-Fi garage door opener system to stay ahead of the competition.

Inventing a better mousetrap and then patenting it gives you the right to expect others won’t copy your design and sell it as their own. However, there is also a fine line between protecting your intellectual property rights and using them for unfair competitive advantage in business transactions. The recent lawsuit against Chamberlain Group serves as a reminder of this very concept — no company should underestimate the consequences of attempting to exploit current patent laws for personal gain.

The Chamberlain Group revolutionary future

In September 2021 The Blackstone Group purchased The Chamberlain Group in five billion dollar deal which will see an increased injection into research and development (R&D). This acquisition aims to give further exposure for The Chamberlain Group’s revolutionary Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener system while allowing Blackstone Group’s vast resources help continue pushing forward innovation within this sector moving forward. Such acquisitions limits any competitor’s opportunity from copying existing designs while strengthening brand loyalty among consumers with continual advancements made with each product generation released without unfair competitive advantage over lesser resourced competitors.

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