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Common Types Of Garage Door Problems

Common Types Of Garage Door Problems

Any homeowner had some issues with the garage door, that’s where we come in to help, our team of technicians has put together this informative guide for you to easily diagnose the common garage door problems and what should you do when it come.


Garage Door Openers

If you find that your garage door is not responding properly, it may be due to a problem with the opener. Modern garage door openers usually work with electric motors that controlled by radio signals sent from a small remote control. Issues can arise when the radio signals are blocked, or need to replace battery.


Broken Spring

Torsion springs are mounted above the doors and provide tension that helps the door close and open smoothly and securely. 

Extension springs are located along both sides of the upper tracks. Unfortunately these springs can break over time.


Broken Cables

Cables play an important role in many garage doors they attach from the bottom panel to the pulleys and help keep the door balanced and opens and closes the garage door.


Panel Replacement

Damaged panels can be more than just an eyesore they also indicate larger structural problems within your garage door’s overall system which should not be ignored.


Roller Replacement

Rollers are used inside the tracks of the garage door and wear out over time due to daily use. Bent rollers will result in difficulty opening or closing your garage door properly.


Bent Track

The garage door track should remain aligned at all times for proper functioning, however they can sometimes bend out of shape due to pressure when the door open and close. that can causing misalignment issues.


Weather Seal

A weather seal is designed to keep cold weather rain & snow, while also preventing from other pests to entering through gaps under the garage door frame, however these seals can erode over time 

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