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Common Garage Door Problems During The Winter

Common Garage Door Problems During The Winter

The winter months can bring issues with your garage door, Understanding the most common problems and how to find them is essential for keeping your garage door working properly and preventing unexpected problems in cold weather.


heavy spraying of lubrication on your garage door tracks can cause the rollers to misaligned, which make it difficult for the door to open or close correctly. To prevent it from happening, it is important to find the right balance between too much to not enough lubrication. By using to correct amount of oil or grease, you will avoid any alignment problems in winter.

Contracting Metal

When temperatures dropping drastically during winter time, certain materials such as metal can lead to issues with springs, screws and other metallic components. While this cannot be prevented regular maintenance tasks such as adding more lubricant (oil or silicone-based grease) should be carried out regularly to help keep these components working correctly.

Thickening Grease

The cold temperatures of winter can cause certain greases designed for use under high heat conditions to thicken up and become less effective as a lubricant. To avoid this problem you should ensure old hardened grease is removed with an appropriate solvent and replaced with a silicone based oil which will help maintain its effectiveness even at lower temperatures.

Taking these steps will help guarantee that your garage door continues working throughout the season without any unexpected issues arising due to the cold weather conditions! Regular maintenance should be carried out all year round to reduce disruption and provide maximum protection against the elements during winter time.

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