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How To Replace Bottom Roller on Garage Door?

How To Replace Bottom Roller on Garage Door?

Replacing the bottom roller of your garage door may seem difficult, but with the right knowledge and basic tools it is possible to do it yourself. Before beginning the process its important to make sure that you take some safety rules such as unplugging the garage door opener if you have one or placing a step ladder under the door in case of an accidental closure. Additionally it is also important to choose the correct type of roller for your garage door, plastic rollers are usually more affordable but will not last for long time as steel or nylon rollers.

Different Types Of Garage Door Rollers

When choosing a new roller for your garage door there are primarily three different types available: plastic, steel and nylon. Plastic rollers tend to be cheaper, however they will need replacing after a few years. Steel rollers are stronger than plastic and can last around 10 years with regular use but require lubrication often. Nylon rollers offer great longevity compared to other options sometimes up to 20 years and create very little noise when operating.

How To Replace Garage Bottom Rollers On Your Own?

Once you have chosen which type of roller is best for your needs, its time to begin replacing them here’s how:

1. Open the garage door Unplug your garage door opener to stay safe while you work. Place a ladder under the door too, so it won’t close and hurt you.

2. Use locking pliers to bend one side of the track near the seam forward so you can pop out the roller from there. You can do this by yourself or have someone help you hold up the door while you work on it.

3. Lower the door until it is at the height of where your bent track is and keep it in place either with one hand or have someone help hold it for you so that way you can focus on what needs to be done next easier.

4. Use a screwdriver or pry bar to take out any old roller and slide in a new one if needed, make sure to let anyone helping know when this step begins! If your rollers need lubricant, make sure to use some now too this will help them move better later!

5. Once again raise up the door (or get help) so that where there once was an old roller is now at same level as before with its new replacement inside no tools should be needed here but if needed use a hammer to get the roller in place.

6. Now that one side is done, open up the door completely and close the bent track back up using pliers you can then focus on the rollers of other side.

7. Again lower the door to its original height and repeat all previous steps with this side same instructions from before for removing old rollers and putting in new ones!

8. Once both sides have been taken care of, plug your garage door opener back in and check if it works correctly 

by following these steps you should now have successfully replaced your bottom rollers on your own!

Congratulations You Have Done It!

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