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Quick Tips to Install New Garage Door DIY

Quick Tips to Install New Garage Door DIY

All the garage owners must be well known to the importance of the garage doors. But do the people give them importance from the moment they get it installed? Sadly the answer is “no”. Actually, when we get our garage door fixed at its position, we get relief that now everything will be safe and forget about this newly installed pretty structure that provides the security.

We keep on operating the door as required without putting stress on its cleaning and maintenance. No doubt that we need to focus on issues related to the garage door maintenance but before that it is important to get them installed properly.

Garage door installation is a five-finger exercise for the professional installers but if you are new to the process then it would not only be difficult but will also involve risks. The installation process of a garage door follows a number of steps but the instructions can have little changes for the different models.


Garage Door Installation Instructions

1) First of all you need to know about the different parts of the garage door and should have a complete overview of the process. For this you can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Even if you know about the process, it is recommended to read those instructions as they can vary according to the manufacturer and the model.

2) Then make sure that you have all the parts that are mentioned in the instruction manual. If all the parts are on hand, arranging them in the piles will ease the process. And if something is missing then don’t proceed with the installation process as it may cause trouble.

3) After arranging the parts, collect all the required tools which include nails, a hammer, screwdriver and more.

4) Now start the installation and organize the panel. Attach the hinges and rollers to the panel if they are not already installed. Then attach the weather stripping to the bottom edge of the panel.

5) Now place the panel at the doorway. Take someone’s help as it needs to be held in place and if there is nobody then you can keep it in place with the help of nails.

6) After that assemble the parts of the track and install the vertical track.

7) Now set the other panels and attach them one by one repeating the same procedure as that of the first panel and connect them to each other.

8) After ensuring that the door is levelled, install the curved and horizontal tracks.

9) The last step is to install the springs. An opener may also be installed after that if you wish to.


After the accurate installation, the regular maintenance techniques should be applied for the efficient working of the door. Proper maintenance will also ensure the longer life of the door and the embedded part. Above all, it will provide safety to your family and security to the valuable possessions.

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