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Why Does Your Garage Door Open By Itself?

Why Does Your Garage Door Open By Itself?

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One of the most common issues people experience with their garage doors is when they cannot close properly the garage door. In some cases a garage door might even open by itself without any explanation whatsoever leaving homeowners perplexed as to what went wrong.

In most cases, this kind of problem is caused by an issue with the sensors. These sensors act as a mechanical eye for your garage door detecting any objects in door way, that may stopping it from closing if something is blocking its way. If you find something around your garage door preventing it from shutting properly, simply remove the obstacle and try to close it again.

Alternatively, if everything look clear but your door still reverts back to an open position every time you try to close it then you should check for loose screws on your brackets.

If you feel confident adjusting your sensors manually then you could try bending your bracket a little until they are realigned correctly again.

Choose Only Teh Best – When It Comes To Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs

When dealing with something as delicate as a garage door system it’s best not to take matters into your own hands unless you know exactly what you’re doing make sure that when it comes to repairs or maintenance for your garage door system you only choose the best available professionals who will be able to provide fast solutions for your needs so that you don’t have any further problems with the garage doors!

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