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How To Replace Your Garage Door Remote’s Battery

How To Replace Your Garage Door Remote’s Battery

Garage door remote controls are an incredibly convenient way to open and lose your garage door without getting out of the car. Powered by a battery, most remotes last between two and five years depending on the battery type and how often you use it. As the battery wears down it is easy to tell when it is close to the end of its useful life. There will be a lack of LED lights blinking on the remote, as well as a slower response time when using the remote.

Replacing your remote’s battery is a simple process that can be easily completed

Follow this four steps:

Firstly, you need to determine what type of battery cover your particular model uses – these could either slide off, need prying off with a flat-headed screwdriver or require unscrewing.

Secondly, once you remove the cover you will see what kind of battery is inside – it is usually a small lithium 3V CR2016 circular cell, although some models may use an AA or AAA battery instead. Take this with you when you purchase your replacement so that you can make sure to get the right type for your specific model.

Thirdly, place the new battery into the back of your remote – if it requires an AA or AAA battery then there should be an indicator on your compartment telling you which direction to insert it. For a cell type they should face upwards with their positive side facing up.

Lastly, replace the cover onto your remote and test it out – if it doesn’t work then double check that batteries were inserted correctly before attempting any more extensive troubleshooting such as emergency release cords or professional assistance from a garage repair service technician.

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