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Why Is My Garage Door Remote Not Working?

Why Is My Garage Door Remote Not Working?

If you are having trouble with your wireless remote for your garage door, there could be a few possible causes. Before you jump ahead into replacing your remote, keypad, or other wireless access device, try to identify the source of the problem.

Problems On Garage Door Remotes

In many cases, the issue stems from a battery that needs replacement. Try replacing the battery in your device and using it again on your garage door. If this solves the problem, then you have identified the issue without needing to buy any new hardware.

If replacing the battery does not work, then it is likely that your garage door remote is not properly paired with the doors. For some models of garage doors, this can be remedied quickly—simply press the LEARN button on both the opener and the remote simultaneously. After that has been accomplished, test out if this solution works.

It is also possible that your current garage door remote is incompatible with your particular type of garage door. If you are using a universal remote control, check to make sure that it works with yours before you invest in any new equipment. You can do this by consulting brand manuals or customer support lines, as well as consulting professionals who specialize in garage doors for advice. Some brands only accept remotes and keypads from their own production line; if yours is one of those models then purchasing a product from them may be necessary for successful operation of your garage door system.

Finally, older types of garage doors may require setting DIP switches on both devices to match their frequency settings in order for them to connect successfully. If this is true of yours then double-checking and adjusting these settings may solve any troubleshooting required here too!

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