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How And When To Use The Garage Door Opener Emergency Release Cord

How And When To Use The Garage Door Opener Emergency Release Cord

Knowing how to properly utilize the emergency release cord on a garage door opener is an essential part of maintaining the device. If your garage door opener is not working as it should be, it’s the right time to disengage the emergency release cord, but not before making sure the garage door is properly closed. Again in order to avoid any potential injuries or damage, it is very important to make sure the door is completely closed!

Pulling The Release Cord

The emergency release cord can typically be found as a red rope, with a handle attached to the trolley of the opener. By simply pulling down on this cord until it disconnects from the door, you are able to open and close it manually.

Testing The Door & Ensuring It Operates Manually

After disengaging from its remote control, test your garage door by opening and closing it several times manually in order to make sure that it functions freely and without issue. After testing is complete, make sure that your door is completely closed before attempting to reset or repair your opener.

Resetting And Troubleshooting The Garage Opener

If problems remain after disconnecting and re-engaging your garage door manually, resetting the opener may become necessary in order to diagnose any motor or other mechanical issues. This is done by unplugging the device for several minutes before plugging it back in again; if problems still exist then further troubleshooting might be required.

Reconnecting The Trolley

Once resetting or troubleshooting your garage door opener has been successful, you will need to reconnect its carriage with its trolley in order for it operate correctly once more. There are two ways of doing this: either slide along its track until attachment has been re-established or use its remote control until reconnection has successfully taken place.

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