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How Technology Changed The Garage Doors Industry?

How Technology Changed The Garage Doors Industry?

The days when people had to manually open and close their garage doors are gone. Modern garage door systems with powerful electric automated openers make it much easier to operate while providing a greater level of safety for your family and pets.

Advanced safety measures

Today’s garage doors often safety features that help protect users from injury. Most garage doors contain springs which hold the weight of the door and allow it to be opened and closed easely. If one of these springs break the door could crash down and potentially causing damage. To prevent this from happening most modern garage doors have an automatic opener installed that will stop the door from closing if it detects any obstruction.

Safety sensors

In 1993, further advancements were made in order to keep people safe when using a garage door. The US Safety Commission released regulations which required all new Garage Door Openers to include Safety Eyes  infrared beams connected between two sensors on either side of the opening which detect any obstructions in its way and prevent it from closing if something is detected below them.

Internet capabilities

More recently some models have come equipped with Wi-Fi features for extra convenience and security. These allow users to control their Garage Door from their computer, smartphone or tablet even providing alerts if it’s opened while they’re away! This feature also makes life easier for delivery drivers and repairmen who need access into your home through your Garage without you being present at the time of arrival.

Camera assistant

Finally there are Parking Assist sensors available on some models these help protect your car as well as others around it by alerting you when you’ve pulled too far forward or back into your Garage before closing the door behind you so that no unfortunate accidents occur!

Overall, advances in technology have made today’s garage door systems more efficient and safer than ever before offering peace of mind both inside and outside of our home.

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