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Value Of Glass Garage Doors

Value Of Glass Garage Doors

In recent years, glass garage doors have become more and more popular due to some great benefits they provide. With a big variety of styles, ranging from large and small panel designs to clear or frosted glass, glass garage doors offer a unique and stunning look to any home.
In addition to the eye-catching appearance, glass garage doors are incredibly durable and strong, thanks to the impact resistance and inherent strength of the material. Glass garage doors are resistant to nature harsh elements and weather conditions, which make them last for many years without needing much maintenance or repairs.
Unlike the metal garage doors, these doors will not corrode or need frequent upkeep.

Energy efficiency benefits

Glass garage doors are highly energy efficient because of their excellent insulating power. By preventing the heat from coming into your home in summer, and trapping it inside during winter months, these doors can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. Moreover, because glass does not fade or discolor easily like other materials, it keeps your home looking attractive for longer time. Additionally, glass is a superior soundproofing compared to other materials, it will block out external noises and creating a calmer atmosphere in your home.

We will help you choose and install your new glass door

At Friendly Garage Doors we understand the value of having a secure and beautiful garage door. Our team is expertly trained in repairing, rebuilding or upgrading existing structures made from both glass and traditional materials as well as installing new ones quickly and effectively upon request. We strive to make sure our customers get exactly what they’re looking for – quality craftsmanship that lasts!

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