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Types of Electric Garage Doors

Types of Electric Garage Doors

There are several types of electric garage doors available on the market today. Each of these options offers a unique combination of style, color, material, and overall functionality.

The most commonly used door type is the sectional garage door. This door is composed of several individual sections that slide up or down using an electric motor and track. This type of door is popular because of its ease-of use and affordability.

Sectional Garage Doors

One of the most popular electric garage door options for residential properties in the US is the sectional garage door. These doors are composed of 4 or more panels that move up and down along tracks when opened or closed. The smooth and quiet operation of sectional doors comes from the quality engineering involved in their construction, although they tend to be more expensive than other types of garage doors. It’s important to note that since these doors have multiple components and mechanisms, they require regular maintenance and lubrication for optimal performance.

Rollup Garage Doors

An Attractive and Secure garage doors, which are becoming increasingly popular for commercial buildings, especially in urban areas. Similar to sectional doors, they open vertically by rolling up into a cylindrical shape at the top of the garage door opening. These doors are commonly made either from steel or aluminum panels, ensuring maximum security and protection. The major benefit of roller garage doors is their extreme durability and can stand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Additionally, thanks to their compact design and simple mechanism, these doors require very little maintenance, what makes them an ideal choice for smaller garages. There are several color options to choose from, so you can still make your garage look good.

Slide to Side Garage Doors

Slide to side garage doors, also known as round the corner garage doors, are one of the oldest designs available on the market. These doors open to one side and curve around the periphery of your garage while moving along floor trolleys. This unique design can benefit those with limited head space in their garage as it allows for manual or electric operation as well as partial opening. Despite their stylish look, this type of door is usually quite costly and not very weather resistant.

1 piece Garage Doors

The 1 piece style is a budget friendly option for those looking for an easy to operate electric garage door. Constructed from a single panel, this type tilts up into the ceiling with about one third of it protruding from outside your entryway like a ‘canopy’. While providing a unique aesthetic appeal, its manual operation makes it less cost effective if you’re looking to convert it into an automated system.

Tilt-Up Retractable Garage Doors

Similar to 1 piece garage doors, tilt-up retractable models are also crafted from one panel but offer several additional features such as electric operation and complete retraction when opened. This kind of door can handle heavier panels than regular canopy ones but takes up a lot more space due to its tracks on the ceiling.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side hinged garage doors are available for installation in your home. The advantage with these types is that you get to use any extra height savings within your garage which also allows bigger cars roomier access when entering or leaving your property. Generally, these doors require manual operation but some models allow them to be automated.

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