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Best Tips For Garage Door Maintenance

Best Tips For Garage Door Maintenance

The garage door is considered as one of the most movable parts in a home. and need maintenance regularly so that it can operate safely. There are so many maintenance tips for garage doors that home owners need to follow to make sure the door will operate well and there will be no need to perform repairs.

Maintenance tasks should be performed by a professional door installer. Here are some of the types of garage door maintenance required to increase the life time of the garage door.

Lubricating The Garage Door

When you hear noises coming from the garage door that sounds creaky then this is the time that you have to lubricate the door. It is important that you lubricate the door using WD40.

Checking Safety

Automatic garage doors are equipped with safety features. It is vital for the feature to work well so that keep everybody safe. Check whether the auto reverses characteristics is working through inserting an object on the floor.

Install Weather Seals

Installing Weather seals is important because all the time that you are going to open the door you are going to use a lot of energy. When you use Weather seals make sure that you do not use a lot of energy all the time that the door will open or close. Weather seals help to make sure that no damp is going to get inside the garage that will cause problems. Weather seals will also help to increase life of the garage door.

Clean the door

It is okay to spray garage door using water but ensure that the track will not be sprayed. If it will be sprayed it will rust. Once you clean the door track using a moist cloth to wipe then dry it using a dry cloth.

Examine Door Rollers

The rollers should be examined frequently. Find out whether there is any damage. Rollers play a very important role in a garage door and if they get damaged then the door is not going to work well. All the time that you close the garage, it is important that you keep the door on the right track. 

Since rollers are made of steel or nylon, it is a must that you replace the rollers after seven years. But the situation is not the same in all garage doors. They are different types of garage doors and it is not all of them that work the same.

Call a Local Company

By choosing Friendly Garage Doors LLC you will not only make a good investment but you will help to increase life span of the door. When you call our experts they are going to come to the house any time whether it is at night or during the day.

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