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Program Your Garage Door Opener To Your Car

Program Your Garage Door Opener To Your Car

Programming a garage door opener in your car is a useful skill that can make your life easier and enable you to enter and exit your home or garage without having to leave the vehicle. It is an especially helpful feature if you have a lot of luggage or groceries, as it simplifies the process of entering and exiting the house. Before beginning, it is important to ensure that your garage door motor’s antenna is hanging down and unobstructed so that it has an optimal reception for the programming process.

Make sure prior codes are erased

To begin, you will want to ensure that any prior codes are erased from your car’s Home Link. To do this, hold down buttons 1 and 3 for around 15-20 seconds until the adjacent LED light blinks quickly. This indicates that your car’s Home Link memory has been cleared. To verify, press any of the Home Link’s buttons (not at the same time), and the LED light should blink slowly to indicate that no programming is present for that button.

Next, you will need two people for this part of the process – one sitting in the car with their garage door remote handy and one behind the garage door motor unit. The person in the car needs to press and hold both their chosen button on their car’s Home Link/rearview mirror while pressing and holding their open/close button on their garage door remote simultaneously. After five seconds, they should release both buttons after seeing a quick flash from their Home Link/rearview mirror LED light indicating successful programming has taken place.

The person at the motor unit should see an LED light blinking on its unit (in some models). They must press and hold its SMART/LEARN button until its own LED light stays solid during this time. At this point, they then instruct the person in the car to push and release their desired Home Links button for three seconds each time (it should work after two or four times). After completing these steps correctly, your new programmed garage door should now be able to be opened with commands via your car!

Last option you should try

If any issues arise when attempting this procedure there are several things you can do first before consulting manuals or help services: double check batteries (for both remotes) making sure they are charged; check if all electronics are turned on; adjust distances between remotes; reset car’s Home Link by holding 1+3 buttons simultaneously; reprogram all steps once again; attempt troubleshooting techniques such as ‘garage door will not close’ or ‘garage door will not move’ if needed; contact repair services if necessary given faulty circuits boards or receivers may be present in some cases.

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