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Steps For Replacing Garage Door Cables

Steps For Replacing Garage Door Cables

It is very bad situations when your garage door off the track. Here some reasons that can lead to an off track garage doors but the most common reason is broken cables. So, to bring your garage door working again you need to replace the cables.

Replacing the broken cables is not much difficult but you need to focus on the process. You will get an instruction manual with the new cable.

Before trying to replace cables you should go through these instructions so will be no chances of imperfections and accident. Here, we are going to give you the stepwise instructions for replacing your garage door cables.

The Tools You Need For The Replacement

  • Tools for repair like sockets, wrench and many others. Refer to instruction manual for knowing more.
  • Safety equipment like gloves, eye glasses etc.


11 Steps For Cable Replacement


1) First of all, open the door. it will not open with an opener. You need to lift it up manually.

2) Now, fix the door at a position. You would need to use the vice grips for that otherwise it will get closed suddenly.

3) Insert the winding bars and loosen the screws that are fixed on the springs. Now, unwind the springs until you notice that all the tension has been removed.

4) In the door with two springs, perform the same procedure for the other spring.


5) Now, the next step is to remove the cable from the drum. For that you again need to loosen the screw but now from the cable drum.

6) After detaching the cable from cable drums, detach its second end from the bracket and you are done with removing the cable.

7) Take the new cable and install it. This time you need to start from the brackets. Attach the looped end of cable to the bottom bracket from where you have detached the old one.

8) Insert second end of the cable into the drum slot and make sure that you have inserted it properly. Now, wind the cable on the drum and glide it to bearing plate. Now, rotate the cable drum in the clockwise direction. Stop rotating when you notice that cable is tight but make sure that it is not over-tighten.

   Now, tighten the screw on the cable drum.


9) Now, increase the tension on the springs and you are done with the replacement process.

10) Remove the vice grips from the track and lift the door up fully before closing it.

11)  Open and close the door repeatedly for few times to check if the garage door cables are properly installed.

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