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James M.
Garage Door Spring Repair

We had an issue with our garage door, It wasn’t opening and closing properly. It kept getting stuck half way up. Our spring tension on one side needed to be adjusted. Instead of up selling us and making us buy new springs Joe was honest and didn’t take advantage. He merely suggested them to be readjusted. Saved us on money and time. Great company, If you don’t wanna get ripped off call friendly Garage Doors!

Zain Y.
Garage Door Opener

My wife and I just had our first born a couple weeks ago. Like us all we wanted everything to be perfect before she arrived. The bedrooms are right above the garage door. Every time you open the door it makes super loud. We didn’t wanna have this going on when baby came and wake her. Joe came out and switched us from a chain driven to a belt driven garage opener, replaced the rollers on our door, placed rubber dampeners on the opener, and adjusted the tracks to ensure quiet and smooth operation.Its as quiet as a mouse! Baby and mommy are sleeping now as I type this review.

Gopal S.
Garage Door Repair

We bought a much older home a couple months ago. During the renovation process we decided to get a new garage door. Friendly Garage Doors gave us the best quote out of 5 companies that had been here previously. They put in our new, modern glass/metal door. It’s beautiful and makes the house look like a completely different house! Very pleased customers here. We will use them for any other garage door services we will need in the future.

Treesa U.
Garage Door Repair

Our remote control stopped working outta the blue. Was so annoying having to manually open and lift the door. Joe came out within the hour that I called in. He installed a brand new opener system for us. He even linked the new remotes to our cell phones. So we don’t even need the clickers…If I drive off forgetting if I closed the door or not, all I gotta do is close it from my cell miles away! (Happens a few times a week, not joking.)
Couldn’t be happier.

Heidi K.
Garage Door Repair

The time had come and we had no choice than to replace our garage door springs and a new motor. We called in roughly around 10am and the job was completed by 3pm. I was in shock, what amazing and knowledgeable techs. Very polite and courteous. Outstanding workmanship, Thank you FGD!

Ashley R.
Garage Door Repair

Our cables completely snapped and needed to get serviced asap. I called and spoke with Leon. He was such a pleasure to work with. He came out in a timely manner, worked diligently and really knew what he was doing. He didn’t try to rip us off at all, we trusted him. He even threw in a free lube job on the tracks for free. We have his business card and will use in it the future as needed. I would refer our family and friends and all of you to work with this company if you want amazing results and quality work.

Sallie G.
Garage Door Opener

Our Genie garage door opener was 10 years old and a few days ago started making nasty grinding sounds. I knew it was time to get someone professional involved. Spoke to Jacob and he was open to come out same day but we weren’t home. So he came out first thing at 8am on a Sunday morning. He installed a new opener at a pretty fair price. We thought we would have to dish out way more actually. He was very through and explained everything to us and why. Amazing customer service and highly trained professionals.

Tiffany G.
Garage Door Repair

Unfortunately, we were having major issues with our garage door and needed to replace the hardware and opener. The tech was at my house within the hour I placed the call. He was very detailed and explained all my options. We could have gone a cheaper route and that would have given me a couple more months until having to replace them but I decided to just deal with it now and get it out of the way. Plus I would be spending more in the long run. (Today’s visit costs plus the costs when I really really needed to replace them..) Joey told me he would be back the next morning with all the parts and sure enough he was. My door works like new and I’m extremely thankful.

Tarunn A.
Garage Door Repair

This is exactly how a business should be run. Amazing customer service, quick and the best quality work. They put my needs first and didn’t try to rip me off. All I can say is that I am extremely happy with the results and I will only use this company for future garage door repairs. Thanks FGD!

Doug C.
Garage Door Repair

I can’t speak enough about this company. We really enjoyed our experience and highly recommend them. Don’t forget to mention the “Google” discount. The tech, Joe was very reliable, honest, fast and affordable. He had to replace the springs and he even added in for free a lube job on the tracks. I couldn’t be happier.

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