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Yelp Weasel Their Way Into Local Search, Including Garage Door Repair

Yelp Weasel Their Way Into Local Search, Including Garage Door Repair

Google and Yelp have become the most popular way to search for local services, and garage door repair services in particular. However, these two platforms are far from equal when it comes to providing reliable results. Google has taken steps to remove phony listings and continues to develop methods to tackle the problem, while on the other hand, Yelp’s platform is designed with profit in mind, and can hurt both, consumers and legitimate businesses. Lets take a look at how Google and Yelp are difference from each other when it comes to connecting customers with the garage door repair companies.

Google Removes Fake Listings

Google has been actively working on removing fake listings from its platform and developing algorithms that can identify them more easily. As of February 2020, Google Maps had taken down four million fake listings and removed 75 million reviews. The company is continuing to update its algorithm in order to catch black-hat players who create fake pages or review scam sites.

How Yelp Squeezes Your Budget

Yelp is not a platform that businesses or consumers should trust when looking for reputable service providers. Lead generators like Yelp are interested in generating profits rather than helping businesses or consumers find honest services they need. Business owners could be charged hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to chase leads that generate little to no business as a result. Furthermore, because competition for certain categories drives up the price per click on ads, businesses would wind up paying more if they wanted visibility on the platform. Finally, users may find it difficult to tell paid search results apart from organic ones because of how often Yelp changes their website UI – creating a situation where both consumers and legitimate businesses lose out.

The Effects on Local Businesses & Garage Door Repair Companies

Having Yelp on top of local search pages can have serious repercussions for small businesses such as garage door repair companies. Local traffic may be diverted towards the heavily advertised platform which means potential customers could end up missing out on offers from legitimate providers who aren’t seen by those searching online due either not being listed at all or having their listing drowned out by dozens or even hundreds of paid adverts from competitors. This can lead to a decrease in revenue for honest businesses as well as having them charge higher prices just so they remain visible among those searching online for someone offering garage door repair services in their area.


Yelp shouldn’t ever be allowed on top of local search pages given the way it’s designed specifically with profit generation in mind rather than empowering and protecting consumers who use it as a source of information when looking for something specific such as a reliable garage door repair provider in their area. Google’s local search algorithm gives better visibility when used correctly meaning there is less financial burden placed upon those using it compared with what would be expected if opting instead for yelp given its reliance upon paid adverts being clicked upon before any free (organic) listing can be seen by visitors browsing through available options based upon whatever criteria they happen have settled upon before starting their online search journey – especially if wanting to make sure only genuinely competent providers are chosen over others whose main aim may simply have been nothing more than getting listed within specified category/sub-category regardless as regards any previous experience gained previously within same field or subject matter being looked into due whatever urgency exists that needs addressing sooner rather than later since time itself tends not be an ally during those occasions where every single second counts big time!

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