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How Garage Door Safety Sensors Work?

How Garage Door Safety Sensors Work?

Automatic garage doors have been a valuable asset since they were invented. Nowadays instead of having to use brutal force to get the heavy door open or closed, you can simply press a button and watch your garage door glides. It can even be operated from a distance when you’re away and not at home with the help of WiFi technology.

Keeping your family safe is the most important and top priority for any homeowner, and automatic garage doors made it incredibly easy and convenient.

Safety devices were mandated for all garage doors in the 1990s. These devices ensured that accidents involving people being crushed of a closing garage door would be less. These devices are known as garage door sensors.

Garage Door Sensors Are There to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Garage door safety sensors work like a laser and keeping eye on any potential obstacles that come in their way. The sensors are linked together by a IR light that will stop the door from fully closing if something gets in its way, This is another layer of protection especially when there are kids or pets around the house who may accidentally go under a closing garage door.

If you are experiencing problems such as your garage door is not closing this could indicate either dirt and dust build up on the sensors or misalignment between them due to loose screws or bent brackets. If this happens you should first try cleaning them with a soft cloth and adjust their alignment yourself. However if it still not closing it might be the wires that connect the sensors to the opener and in that case it is wise to contact a professional technician who can assist with the repair.

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